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Congressman James Comer

Representing the 1st District of Kentucky



The First District of Kentucky is home to thousands of contributors to the agricultural industry. We must support and modernize programs which have proven effective in allowing our nation's hard-working farmers to operate, compete and succeed.

stethoscope on a clipboard


As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket and choices diminish, it is clear our nation’s healthcare system is failing the American people. We must restore competition in the marketplace by repealing and replacing the one-size-fits-all approach taken in recent years.

The United States capitol dome at dawn

Oversight and Government Reform

Congress must work towards reigning in the amount of regulatory red tape enacted in recent years. Wasteful, unnecessary government spending and fraud must be eliminated to ensure the government is operating at maximum effectiveness without necessarily impeding on the lives of citizens.

Second Amendment

Private citizens’ Second Amendment rights are an important tenet of the Constitution. As such, we must ensure our nation’s gun laws are fully upheld and free from infringement by the federal government. Commonsense legislation prioritizing the fundamental rights of law-abiding gun owners must be addressed by Congress.

Small Business and Economy

Unleashing economic growth begins with reducing taxes and reigning in government spending. Business owners across the Commonwealth benefit from less government interference and more freedom to efficiently and effectively manage their operations.


Investment in our nation's transportation infrastructure - whether that is our water systems, roads, highways, bridges, railroads or the maritime industry - is critical for economic growth and the well-being of our communities.


We should never take for granted the sacrifice our servicemembers, veterans and their families have made for this country. Congress must continue working to pass bold legislation focused on eliminating waste and fraud in the VA and ensuring that our nation’s heroes receive the benefits they deserve and have earned.