WASHINGTON, D.C.Congressman Comer released the following statement upon voting no on President Biden’s $1.8 trillion spending bill, which passed the House and now moves to the U.S. Senate. Despite President Biden’s claims that the legislation costs zero dollars, the Congressional Budget Office has announced that the legislation adds $367 billion to the deficit, with the rest of the bill financed by significant tax increases.

“I voted no on yet another multi-trillion dollar spending bill being rammed down taxpayers’ throats by President Biden and Speaker Pelosi. This $1.8 trillion spending bill will pour gas on America’s inflation fire and lead to even higher costs for milk, gas, and other essential items the American people rely on.

Further, this left-wing wish list includes radical proposals like amnesty and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants, the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents, and a government takeover of significant portions of the American economy. Clearly Washington Democrats missed the message from Virginia, where the American people sent a message that they are fed up with the excessive spending, budget gimmicks, and special-interest giveaways found in this bill.”