Tax Returns

In the spirit of transparency, Congressman Comer believes tax returns of high profile elected officials should be public. It's important for people of the district and America to see his returns.

Financial Disclosures

Each member of the U.S. House of Representatives must file a Financial Disclosure Statement if they're in office by the middle of the year. This includes things like salaries, assets purchased or sold and more.

You can see these disclosures online at the clerk's Financial Disclosure Reports Database.

Office Expenses

The Statement of Disbursements is a quarterly public report of all receipts and expenditures for U.S. House of Representatives Members, Committees, Leadership, Officers and Office. 

The report is published within 60 days of the end of each calendar quarter. You can see the most reason report or look at older reports here.

Travel Expenses

Each member of the House is required to submit reports with travel-related expenses that are reimbursed by nongoverment sources and charitable contributions made in lieu of honoraria (a payment for services that do not have a set fee.) 

These reports can be seen through the Gift and Travel Filings page.