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Congressman James Comer

Representing the 1st District of Kentucky

Rep. James Comer discusses President Trump's southern border wall

August 25, 2017
In The News

(WBKO) -- Kentucky Rep. James Comer spoke with 13 News Thursday about President Trump's southern border wall.

Facing a possible government shutdown if an agreement to pay for the wall is not reached, Comer says there's a common misconception about how Congress works.

Comer says President Trump has no problem getting his agenda passed in the U.S. House, but in order for something to become a law, the president must also receive the necessary support from the Senate.

"The President doesn't have a problem getting enough votes to pass something in the House of Representatives," he says, "but once it passes the House, it goes to the Senate and it either fails in the Senate like the healthcare repeal did, or the senate has failed to act on it."

Comer says because there is no Democratic support for issues like the border wall, the Senate's approval is tough to get.

"[The House of Representatives] passed a Homeland Security budget that actually included funding for a big percentage of the wall," explains Comer. "The problem with congress now, to be specific, is the United States Senate."

The relationship between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Trump has soured of late, especially following the failed replacement of Obamacare last month.

Thursday, McConnell took the chance to focus shared goals of himself and the president. He also praised the President's choice of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Rep. Comer doesn't believe that the rocky relationship between Trump and McConnell is a distraction. He says the southern border wall will continue to be important to both he and the president.