In its final days, the Obama Administration issued a new regulation limiting the amount of N-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) in smokeless tobacco. Everyone strives for health and safety, but the levels proposed by the Obama Administration were so low that no tobacco producer would be able to meet it. This would devastate tobacco growers across the First District who grow nearly all of the tobacco used in smokeless tobacco in the United States. The law says that tobacco standards must be technically achievable and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must consider how their rules will impact growers and manufacturers. In this case, the Obama FDA ignored both of those requirements.

That is why Congressman Comer sent a letter at the beginning of the Trump Administration to make them aware of this last-minute rule and ask them to withdraw it. Unfortunately, the rule was already out for public comment and could not be immediately withdrawn, but the Trump White House and FDA have been very responsive throughout the process and my office continues to work with them to find a solution. The FDA recently extended the period for the public to submit comments on the regulation to July 10, 2017. You can share your comments with the FDA for their official consideration if you click this link and then click “Comment Now!” in the top right corner. At the end of the comment period the FDA will consider your thoughts as they decide whether or not to move forward with finalizing the regulation.

To read a full copy of Congressman Comer's letter to President Trump, click here.