WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman James Comer traveled to Cuba for a five day trip as part of a five member congressional trade mission to negotiate agricultural trade talks.

Rep. Comer traveled with Rep. Tom Emmer R-MN., Rep. Jack Bergman R-MI., Rep. Jason Lewis R-MN., Rep. Roger Marshall R-KS.

Cuba has many challenges with respect to their government and infrastructure, but with 11 million people living there, Cuba is a logical trading partner for agricultural products.

Cuba is located 90 miles from Florida, and to put that into perspective Congressman Comer often travels 125 miles on Monday morning from Tompkinsville to the Louisville Airport to fly into Washington.

Congressman Comer strongly supports lifting the current trade embargo on Cuba, and will be a leader in Congress in passing legislation to reopen trade with this key neighbor of the U.S.

“The first district is a strong agricultural area, and opening trade barriers for agricultural products would be a major benefit for the first district and all of Kentucky,” Comer said.