WASHINGTON – Last week, Congressman Comer met with CEO Beau Necco and Chief Strategy Officer Pam Priddy of the Necco organization. Necco is a statewide foster care company with 10 locations – three of which serve foster parents in Kentucky’s 1st District. Necco is served by 150 hard-working Kentuckians and currently aids approximately 1,000 children entering and exiting home care in the Commonwealth.

Congressman Comer nominated Necco as the recipient of this year’s Angels in Adoption Award for the great work conducted by their organization, including their outstanding foster care, adoption and counseling services. Each year, Congressional Members nominate individuals, families or organizations for this award who have demonstrated a commitment to the adoption community and improving the lives of children in need of permanent, loving homes.

Since Necco’s founding over 20 years ago, they have amazingly built over 25,000 families and employ more than 750 devoted workers in four states. “I am incredibly appreciative of the contributions individuals like Beau have made to the adoption and foster care community in Kentucky and beyond,” Congressman Comer said. “Each year, recognizing influencing forces in the adoption community is a great honor of mine. I thank Necco’s leadership for their years of hard work, devotion to those they serve and their ambitious vision for bringing children and families together.”

Congressman Comer is the lead Republican of the Education and Labor Subcommittee tasked with issues related to childhood safety, development, and well-being. In the 116th Congress, he has backed initiatives including:

  • Cosponsoring the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act (H.R. 897), which would prevent faith-based adoption and foster care agencies from being discriminated against by the federal government and by state governments that receive federal funding,
  • Serving as the lead Republican sponsor of the Stronger Childhood Abuse, Presentation and Treatment Act (H.R. 2480) – which passed the House on May 20, 2019,
  • And serving as a member of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption.