Partisan Impeachment Charade Divides Country; Congress Must Do Better

By: Congressman James Comer, U.S. Representative, 1st District of Kentucky

December 23, 2019

Even as the U.S. House of Representatives concluded 2019 by passing President Trump’s landmark new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico – the USMCA – that major accomplishment was unfortunately overshadowed by the partisan, divisive impeachment proceedings taken up by Washington Democrats.

In launching these proceedings – and impeaching a duly-elected President without even alleging a crime – Nancy Pelosi took America down a dark and divisive path that did a tremendous disservice to our nation. In a year when our leaders should have consistently come together to create jobs, grow the economy and more, Democrats instead decided to occupy the country’s time by fulfilling their three-year drive to impeach President Trump.

They have been determined to take this action ever since President Trump was inaugurated, a plot that Nancy Pelosi recently admitted began two and a half years ago, long before the alleged wrongdoing in a phone call with the President of Ukraine. Thankfully, Senator McConnell has already indicated that the effort to oust President Trump is dead on arrival in the United States Senate.

The articles of impeachment outline no evidence of high crimes, bribery, or other impeachable offenses, the plain and simple rationale of my strong opposition. The opposition to this baseless, partisan impeachment is bipartisan, with multiple House Democrats joining all Republicans to vote against the crusade.

Kentuckians are even less supportive of the effort to remove the President from office. As I said on the House floor, the people I represent in Kentucky’s First Congressional District are appalled at the charade put on by the House in recent months. They overwhelmingly supported the President in 2016 to drain the swamp, enact change and fight on their behalf, which he has done. America’s economy is roaring like never before, the taxes of all Americans have been reduced, and President Trump recently sealed the deal on a modernized trade agreement that is great news for our farmers, middle-class workers and industries.

Personal disdain for an individual and the values of his supporters are not reasons to remove an American President from office. In seeking to silence the voices of the 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump through a sham impeachment process, the other side made clear that dividing the country was their goal. They couldn’t fight against the President’s own successful record, or beat him at the ballot box, so they impeached him. That approach to governing is exactly the attitude that is ripping our country apart, stirring tensions and emotions over politics to unprecedented heights.

Instead of wasting our time seeking to undo a national election, Democrats should push back against their far-left base and join with Republicans and President Trump to work together for the good of the country. Passage of the USMCA was a good start, but passing major, bipartisan legislation outside of the ugly shadow of impeachment would send a message that divisive impeachment politics are in the rearview mirror. That is my hope for the United States Congress in 2020.

Rep. James Comer is a United States Congressman for the 1st Congressional District, which spans from south central Kentucky to the river counties of far western Kentucky. Contact him with any questions or concerns in his Washington D.C. office at (202) 225-3115, in the Tompkinsville Office at (270) 487-9509, in the Paducah Office at (270) 408-1865, or schedule an appointment in the Madisonville Office by calling (270) 487-9509.