Today Congressman Comer and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced companion legislation to begin the process of designating a section of the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway in Muhlenberg and Ohio Counties as a spur of Interstate 69 (I-369). These pieces of legislation would add the section of roadway to the list of “High Priority Corridors,” and, once additional steps have been taken at the state and federal levels to make the designation official, would label the roadway as I-369.

This new designation will highlight the region’s connections with the federal interstate highway system and aid in attracting new industry and economic development to this area.

“A federal interstate designation can bolster the Western Kentucky Parkway’s capacity to drive economic development and new jobs in Ohio and Muhlenberg counties,” said Senate Majority Leader McConnell. “Together with Congressman Comer and local leaders, we are working to support the region’s growth to benefit workers and families. As Senate Majority Leader, I consistently work to bring national attention to Kentucky’s priorities, and I’m hopeful this designation will be enacted to deliver positive results for the Commonwealth.”

“Designating this crucial section of the Western Kentucky Parkway as a federal interstate spur instantly enhances Muhlenberg and Ohio Counties’ attractiveness as an industrial destination. This will lead to better paying jobs and greater opportunities for both communities,” Congressman Comer said.

Melinda Gibbons-Prunty, State Representative for Muhlenberg and Hopkins counties, said, "I applaud Congressman Comer and Senator McConnell for bringing forth this important I-69 legislation. They, along with the rest of our federal delegation, the Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress Economic Development Board, county officials, Senator Embry and myself are all working together to be proactive to help make this designation a possibility. Hopefully by making it a ‘High Priority Corridor’ the process will be sped up so that we can attract businesses to locate in the region.”

Gary Jones, Director of the Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress, said, “This Interstate 369 designation for the Wendell H. Ford Parkway will be another piece of the economic puzzle we are trying to assemble in Muhlenberg and Ohio counties. The word ‘parkway’ has many different connotations across the nation, but everyone knows what an interstate highway is. It will definitely help us in our marketing efforts going forward.”

Scott Lewis, State Representative for Ohio County, said, “This designation of this stretch of the Western Kentucky Parkway as a spur of I-69 is terrific news for our area’s infrastructure and will highlight our attractiveness for new economic development and industry. I want to thank Congressman Comer and Senator McConnell for all of their work to push this on the federal level, as it will be a tremendous benefit to our communities.”