WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman James Comer (KY-1) released the following statement on the Senate’s acquittal of President Trump:

“The Senate’s acquittal of President Trump brings a long overdue end to this partisan effort to remove a duly-elected American president from office based on personal disdain for him and his supporters. As we all know, Democrats repeatedly vowed to impeach this president before he even took his oath of office in attempt to undo the will of the American people.

Now that the President has been cleared of the baseless charges leveled against him by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, it is my sincere hope that Congress can come together to build on President Trump’s successes and tackle the bold vision that he just put forth in his State of the Union. It is time for Democrats to move beyond the partisan politics of resistance and impeachment - including classless actions like tearing up presidential speeches on national television - so that we can work to address the needs of the American people.”