WASHINGTON, D.C.— Congressman James Comer (KY-1) joined Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends First to discuss the need for Nancy Pelosi to bring Congress back to work as well as the latest evidence of abuse of power at the FBI. Click here to watch the full interview.

Comer criticized Nancy Pelosi’s decision to keep the House of Representatives from meeting, especially at a time when American health care workers, truckers, and grocery workers are showing up to work every day. He also called for accountability from the FBI – including a congressional investigation – over recent revelations of efforts by FBI agents to set up General Michael Flynn as part of an effort to oust President Trump.

On Nancy Pelosi's failure to bring the House back to work on behalf of the American people:

"Well Pelosi has politicized this from the start. Instead of trying to unify our country, Pelosi’s tried to divide our country. She’s tried to take advantage of this process, she’s held up critical funding for our front line health care workers and for our struggling small businesses to try to enact legislation to fund her Green New Deal wish list.
Our Speaker of the House is saying, oh it’s too dangerous for members of Congress to go back to Washington to work, when we’re asking doctors and nurses and front line healthcare workers to work every day. We’re asking truckers to continue to operate the supply chains. Grocers are stocking the shelves. But members of Congress are hiding at home, and I think that’s very unfortunate. The Republicans are clear – we want to go back to work – but Nancy Pelosi for whatever reason wants to stay holed up in her million-dollar mansion, and many members of Congress like myself want to get back to work.”

On abuse of power at the FBI under James Comey's leadership and release of Michael Flynn documents:

"It’s a sad day for the FBI. Our worst fears are being realized. I totally agree with Jim Jordan – we need to bring in this mystery FBI agent, he has a lot of questions that I know not only Congress wants answered, but the American people want answered as well.

Director Wray should insist that he come talk to the Judiciary Committee and/or the Oversight Committee. We’ve seen in documents now that there was never a sound case against Michael Flynn or against President Trump for colluding with Russia. This is very serious business. The FBI, it appears, has abused the FISA process. This was the basis for the Democrats to call for impeaching the duly elected President of the United States. So we have some questions and the FBI needs to provide some answers – and they need to do it now.


This investigation stinks. This isn’t an average investigation – this pertained to a presidential campaign. This pertained to a potential effort by another political party to overthrow a duly-elected President of the United States. Someone needs to be held accountable for this – and the American people have questions, and I can guarantee you that Republicans in Congress have a lot of questions. “