WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman James Comer (KY-1) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives in opposition to Nancy Pelosi's radical $3 trillion spending measure, much of which has nothing to do with COVID-19. The measure includes taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants, permanent mail-in voting and other unrelated items, and comes after Congress has already approved nearly $3 trillion in other spending to fight the coronavirus. In his remarks, he noted that by bringing up a partisan, far-left bill with no input from Republicans, Nancy Pelosi is setting a terrible example for a nation in crisis. Click on the image below to view his remarks:

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Full Remarks: 

"Hypocrisy and irresponsibility are alive and well today in this chamber.
At the same time Nancy Pelosi is calling for oversight of the three trillion dollars we have already spent, she is bringing up a reckless bill to spend three trillion more.
Much of this bill has nothing to do with COVID-19. Instead, this bill is a radical, Democrat wish list: permanent mail-in voting, amnesty and stimulus checks for illegal immigrants, and more incentives for Americans not to work.
Across America, citizens are coming together to help their friends and neighbors. And for all its’ faults, Congress did come together in a bipartisan way to pass numerous measures to fight this pandemic.
But Speaker Pelosi has broken that spirit of cooperation. In choosing to play partisan politics and go at this one alone, she has set a terrible example for a nation in crisis.
Instead of pausing the spending to evaluate our needs and engage with President Trump and the Senate, we are here today simply to appease the fringe elements of the Democrat Party."