BREMEN, Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky Congressman James Comer made a stop in Bremen Friday to discuss the ongoing tornado recovery efforts.

He took time to speak with the mayor and members of the community to hear their stories.

He also praised local firefighters for the tireless work they’ve been doing.

Comer says around 1,200 homes in his district were destroyed, and the needs of victims change every day.

“I’m learning about what people need. At the last shelter, we heard that they needed aspirin, detergent, toiletries and things like that. So we’re just trying to find out what people need and help in any way we can, either from the private sector or the federal government,” said Rep. Comer.

The Congressman added, the federal relief covering 100 percent of initial clean-up costs will lift a big burden off of local governments.

You can watch the full clip by clicking here.