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Kentucky Republican Congressman James Comer joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to provide an update on recovery efforts after tornadoes ripped through his state earlier this month. Rep. Comers tells guest host Harry Hurley the most deadly tornado caused extensive damage in the western part of Kentucky. He describes how people began cleaning up the devastation even before federal assistance arrived.

“Before the sun came up that next morning after the tornado hit at night, there were tractors, there were every piece of farm equipment you could imagine, trailers, chain saws. The FEMA director got there pretty quickly. She could not believe how much work had already been done. And she said, do you all have this many first responders? I said, no. These are farmers, these are neighbors and they just started working through the night. It’s amazing what can be done in these rural communities when the neighbors stick together and work together. It’s a really amazing thing to see, how much has already been cleaned up. They didn’t have to wait for the government to give them a permit, they just started working. They didn’t wait for someone to come in. People rolled up their sleeves. They’re blue collar people and they knew what to do.”

You can listen to the full episode here.