Under the leadership of President Trump, the United States saw significant accomplishments when it comes to growing our economy, projecting strength across the globe, and standing up to China. Unfortunately, President Biden has stepped into office and immediately reversed this progress by carrying out a radical liberal agenda.

Rather than proposing policies to get Americans back to work, he has sought to plunge America deeper into debt through spending on programs to keep Americans out of the workforce. And instead of empowering America’s working class by continuing to use our natural resources to provide jobs and low-cost energy, he has issued bans on oil drilling and canceled the Keystone Pipeline.

In a nod to China, President Biden reentered America into the World Health Organization, the organization responsible for spreading Chinese propaganda about the dangers of COVID-19. He also quickly moved to install cabinet members and national security officials long known for their pro-China viewpoints. Likewise, he acted quickly to reenter the United States into the Paris Climate Agreement, a disaster for the American economy which disadvantages our citizens and empowers China.

In pursuing unilateral executive orders to implement the policies too unpopular to pass through Congress, President Biden has sent a message that the people’s voices in Congress do not matter. His signing of 19 executive orders on day one starkly contrasted with the handful of executive orders signed by his four predecessors on their first day in office – combined.

Furthermore, rather than working to keep America safe and building on President Trump’s record of enforcing our immigration laws and securing the border, President Biden has returned us to the failed policies of the Obama-era that encouraged illegal immigration and made our country less secure. He has already proposed an amnesty plan which would grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants – at a time when 11 million Americans are out of work.

American jobs, national security, and energy independence will all decline due to the America last approach to governing that we are now witnessing. Unfortunately, my fear is that the policies put forward by the new power brokers in Washington are just the tip of the iceberg. I am prepared to steadfastly oppose the America last agenda we are seeing develop from both Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic majority in the House.

Rather than pursue radical policies designed to pander to a far-left base, President Biden must work in a bipartisan way to speed up vaccine distribution, return kids to school as recommended by the CDC, and get Americans back to work. These are my priorities, and the goals that all elected leaders should be exclusively working toward. 

Arguments we heard during the 2020 presidential campaign that Joe Biden would be a puppet for the radical left have turned out to be true. Rather than focus on the unity outlined in his inaugural speech, the President has spent his first days in office signing partisan executive orders with no input from Republicans.

Now, it is on conservatives in Congress to step up to the plate and hold him accountable for destructive policies that hurt America’s working class. In my role as Republican Leader of the House Oversight Committee, I intend to do just that, while also working to root out waste, fraud, and abuse within the federal government.

Rep. James Comer is a United States Congressman for the 1st Congressional District, which spans from south central Kentucky to the river counties of far western Kentucky. He serves as the Republican Leader for the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.