WASHINGTON—House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) today released a timeline detailing actions taken by the Biden Administration to erode immigration enforcement and border security, culminating in President Biden’s border crisis. Starting on January 20, 2021, President Biden has issued a series of executive orders and actions to revoke the former administration’s deterrence-focused policies aimed at preventing illegal immigration and human smuggling. As a result, the United States is on track to encounter the most illegal immigrants at the border in 20 years, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

“The facts are clear: President Biden created a crisis at the border. Since day one in office, President Biden has done more to reopen the border to illegal immigrants and stimulate the human smuggling industry than reopen schools for America’s public school students and our economy,” said Ranking Member Comer. “President Biden’s deliberate decision to unravel President Trump’s deterrent-focused policies has created a humanitarian and national security crisis at the border. Human smugglers are exploiting the Biden Administration’s open borders agenda and many families and children are making the dangerous journey to the United States with the near guarantee they will be released into the United States. With mounting evidence we are on track to have the worst border crisis in 20 years, President Biden needs to enforce the law and implement policies to discourage families and children from coming to the border.”

The Biden Border Crisis timeline can be found HERE.