WASHINGTON—House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) issued the following statement on President Biden’s speech marking the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns:

“President Trump started America’s recovery and President Biden must decide if he will finish it. Thanks to President Trump’s strong leadership and support for Operation Warp Speed, more Americans today have been vaccinated than those who have contracted the coronavirus. This is an incredible milestone toward defeating the virus. We want President Biden to succeed in building upon President Trump’s successes, but unfortunately his administration is following pandemic politics rather than following the science and listening to the experts.

“President Biden broke his promise to get America’s public school students back in classrooms by caving to the teachers unions’ unscientific demands keeping schools shuttered. He’s failed to hold the World Health Organization accountable for acting as Communist China’s propaganda outlet at every turn and is forcing American taxpayers to again subsidize it. And President Biden and Democrats rushed a massive $2 trillion progressive wish-list through Congress that will hurt our economy rather than help it recover.

“Ending the pandemic, protecting Americans’ lives and jobs, and restoring our economy are goals all Americans share. To get there, President Biden and Congressional Democrats need to abandon their pandemic politics. The American people have sacrificed enough and it’s time to end the Democrats’ draconian lockdowns, put Americans back to work, and get students and teachers back in classrooms now.”