WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman James Comer released the following statement after President Biden announced a series of executive orders promoting gun control.

“These executive orders are the latest proof of the reckless disregard the Biden Administration has for the Second Amendment. By pushing unconstitutional red flag laws onto states and installing a radical gun control fanatic as head of the agency responsible for regulating firearms, President Biden is putting his anti-gun agenda front and center in Washington.

If gun control laws were effective at stopping gun violence, major cities with strict gun laws would not see dramatic increases in homicide rates year after year. Gun control has not, and never will be, the solution to creating a safer and less violent society. It’s time for President Biden to follow his oath to defend the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans, rather than trampling on them at every turn.”

In addition to other actions, Biden is instructing the Department of Justice to publish model “red flag” laws for state legislatures, which provide an avenue for the government to remove firearms from Americans who haven’t committed a crime.

A member of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, Congressman Comer has been a forceful advocate for the rights of gun owners in Congress.