WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman and House Oversight Committee Republican Leader James Comer appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street on Fox Business Channel over the weekend to discuss his efforts to pursue the truth behind the origins of COVID-19 and hold Communist China accountable for unleashing the virus on the world.

Congressman Comer recapped a recent forum he held in Washington to hear expert testimony on the origins of the pandemic and stated his intention to hold more forums if Democrat majority continues their refusal to pursue the truth. Congressional Democrats have refused to hold official committee meetings on the origins of the virus, and declined to participate in the forum

Interview Highlights:

On Washington Democrats refusal to hold China accountable and listen to experts who say virus emerged from the lab in Wuhan.

“I believe the Democrats realized that Donald Trump was right all along. This was a pandemic that started in Wuhan China…the World Health Organization complied with China’s lies to cover it up. We had four tremendous, respectable scientific witnesses…they all provided valuable testimony. I think that was the most productive hearing we’ve had this entire Congress. And what we learned was: there’s overwhelming evidence to sustain the fact that the virus probably originated in the Wuhan lab, and there isn’t any evidence to support the initial theory by the WHO and by Dr. Fauci that this somehow started from an animal somewhere in China, and spread to a human.”

On rising tensions with China:

“China is up to no good. We see it every day with them stealing our intellectual property, with their spying efforts, and the manipulation of their currency. And now we know that they were up to no good in this Wuhan lab – and they’ve lied about it the whole time. Perhaps we could’ve found evidence…and saved lives sooner, but China lied about this and they continue to lie about this. And the fact that the Democrats don’t want to hold a single hearing to try to determine the origination…is shocking to me.”

On follow-up steps if Democrats refuse to pursue accountability:

“If the Democrats continue to sit on their hands and turn a blind eye to trying to hold China accountable, then the Republicans are going to continue to do what we did last week. We’re going to hold hearings, we’re going to invite the media, we’re going to be transparent about the evidence that we’re accumulating.

There’s a lot of facts that have come out because of Republicans’ investigation, and the things that the American people want to know with respect to COVID, the Democrats just act like it’s not a priority, it’s not important.”

BACKGROUND: As Republican Leader of the House Oversight Committee, Comer joined with fellow Republican Rep. Steve Scalise last Tuesday to host a forum with expert witnesses regarding the origins of the virus. The experts testified that the evidence leans toward COVID-19 being engineered in a lab in Wuhan - running counter to the Chinese government’s narrative, furthered by Dr. Fauci, that the virus spread by animal-to-human transmission.

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