Days after the U.S. withdrew from the Afghanistan President Biden addressed the nation stating he did not regret the decision.

Tuesday Rep. James Comer of Kentucky joined Eyewitness News Daybreak, saying watching the situation unfold has shown a complete failure of leadership in the U.S.

“I hope moving forward the United States has learned a lesson. You can’t just go into most of the countries around the world and try to nation build, and have those new nations resemble what we have here in the United States. It’s not their culture.”

Comer then went on to say the U.S. will now have to keep its eye on the terror threat that could come from Afghanistan.

“We have now because of the failure of the withdrawal armed the Taliban with our own weapons, our own tanks, our own airplanes. The Taliban have clearly been communicating with Iran, Russia, and possibly China. It’s a good day for our adversaries and a bad day for the United States.”

When asked about families who’ve sacrificed their time and in some cases, lives for the U.S. effort in Afghanistan the last 19 years, Comer said the difference they’ve made shows.

“I think the troops that gave their lives, they deserve a better exit than this, for their hard work, and their sacrifice to just go up in flames. But I think they achieved the main objective. America is a safer place now because of the sacrifice and great work our troops have performed over there the past 20 years.”