WASHINGTON, D.C. – After increased scrutiny of the lack of planning and poor execution behind President Biden’s withdraw of American troops from Afghanistan, Congressman Comer stated that history would not be kind to the President’s failed leadership in Afghanistan.

In an appearance on Fox News, he also expressed concern about American financial assistance and weapons falling into the hands of the Taliban. While reiterating that he supports ending the war and withdrawing American troops, Congressman Comer noted that American citizens should have been brought home before our troops left the country.

Watch the interview here.

Interview Highlights:

On the poorly-planned withdraw that left American citizens behind.

“It’s unimaginable that Joe Biden thinks he made the right decision (evacuating troops before citizens). That is the worst plan in the history of America. History will not be kind to Joe Biden on this decision, and a lot of other decisions.

This is the worst-executed plan, from a military standpoint, in the history of America.”

On American weapons falling into Taliban hands:

“As the Ranking Republican on the House Oversight Committee, we’re demanding answers as to how much money was wasted, how much weaponry is now in the hands of the Taliban. I don’t think the Pentagon has an inventory. I don’t think Joe Biden knows. Not only does he not know how many Americans are left behind in Afghanistan, he has no idea how much of our military equipment is now in the hands of the Taliban. This is incompetence, and again it’s the worst military move in the history of the United States.”

On Congressional Oversight over the Afghanistan Disaster:

“Congress is asking questions. Joe Biden has refused to answer those questions – and I think it’s because he has no idea what the answer to those questions are. It’s a very sad day for the taxpayers. We’re weakened from a national security standpoint. Our reputation on the international stage has been diminished. And I hope that we can turn it around.”