WASHINGTON, D.C.Congressman James Comer issued the following statement after voting no on House Democrats' CONCEDES Act.

"Today I voted NO on Speaker Pelosi’s CONCEDES Act, which Washington Democrats’ say will counter the influence of Communist China even though it fails to hold China accountable for the creation of COVID-19.

In all reality, this 2,900 page, $325 BILLION spending bill puts China first and America last. It pours billions into a United Nations Global Climate Fund that subsidizes China at the expense of American competitiveness. It includes numerous provisions unrelated to strengthening our hand against China, such as: 156 mentions of climate change, millions in taxpayer spending to fund coral reefs, and numerous union giveaways and green energy kickbacks.

This bill fails to meaningfully address the threat to American power that Communist China poses, and is just the latest Democrat spending binge."