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WASHINGTON – Congressman James Comer (R-Ky.) joined Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) on “Hannity” with host Sean Hannity on Fox News to discuss his efforts to investigate President Biden and the Biden family’s foreign business schemes. Congressman Comer emphasized that President Biden is potentially compromised by his family’s shady business dealings in Russia, China, Ukraine, and other foreign countries. He concluded by stressing the need to bring transparency to the American people, and ensure accountability for classified documents President Biden stored in an unsecure location since his vice-presidency.

On the Biden family’s foreign influence peddling:

“[Republicans] have produced pictures, we’ve produced emails, we’ve produced documents that show not only did Joe Biden know very well what his son and brother were doing with respect to influence peddling, but he was also a part of it. We saw Hunter Biden was requesting keys to office space for Joe Biden. There are several whistleblowers that have come to us and identified Joe Biden as the big guy – he was supposed to get a ten percent equity stake. That’s a national security concern.

“There’s a pattern here with Communist China, Ukraine, Russia, and our adversaries across the world. You look at the bad decisions that Joe Biden and this White House make every day that have a detrimental effect on every American and you wonder: Is this President compromised? We deserve to have answers to the extent of the Biden family influence peddling and what exactly Joe Biden not only knew, but what exactly he benefited from.”

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On classified docs stashed at Penn Biden center:

“We’re waiting on a FOIA request from Stephen Miller that’s working to get more transparency on what really went on with Ukraine. Now we found that documents Joe Biden had that were classified, some of them pertained to Ukraine. There are so many questions here and normally the mainstream media served as a check and balance on corruption in the past with past presidents. But they’ve turned a blind eye to Joe Biden, and they’ve defended Joe Biden, just like they’re doing with these classified documents that he has today. We’re not going to let up. Every committee is going to play a role in oversight and we’re going to get answers that the American people deserve.”

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