Contact:Austin Hacker

WASHINGTON—Congressman James Comer (R-Ky.) issued the following statement on President Biden’s “State of the Union” address:

“President Biden is filled with more hot air than the China spy balloon. Deflate the rhetoric and the facts reveal President Biden’s policies have created crises on every front. Children are years behind in learning because the Biden Administration allowed the teachers unions to keep schools closed. Americans are paying more for everything because of sky-high inflation created by Democrats’ spending binge. We have the worst border crisis in American history because of this administration’s radical open borders agenda. And foreign adversaries, like China, are emboldened because of the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

“The good news for the American people is that unchecked, one-party Democrat control in Washington is over. Republicans are conducting oversight of the Biden Administration and will hold this administration accountable for its many self-inflicted crises that are harming the American people.”