WESTERN KENTUCKY - During an appearance on the Greg Dunker Show Tuesday, Congressman James Comer called for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

According to Comer, recent credible intelligence indicates that employees at the Wuhan Institute of Virology suffered from COVID-19-like symptoms before the world was aware of the virus.

He said the information has left many conservatives questioning China's role in the creation of the virus.

"This is a big deal. This cost many Americans their lives, and it cost our economy trillions and trillions of dollars. If China is responsible for this, and they lied about this, and the world health organization tried to cover this up for China, then all these people need to be held accountable," he said.

The possibility that it was created in the Wuhan lab has left Comer with a lot of questions.

"That lab was a deal where pharmaceutical companies invested in research and development to come up with vaccines." He continued, "So were they trying to create a virus so they could come up with a vaccine to cure it, or were they trying to create some type of terrorism there?"

Comer said China should allow the United States and allies to send medical teams to the Wuhan lab to inspect and question people.

"We need to hold China accountable. This is code red, and I think there needs to be an international team in there," he said. "There's enough evidence now to warrant a full-scale investigation. This is a bad situation, and I'm afraid it's going to get worse."

Comer and Congressman Steve Scalise have called for a full committee hearing on the issue. Comer encouraged the public to contact their legislators and demand that Congress hold public hearings on the matter.