Western Kentucky Congressman James Comer supported the removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, but is very critical of President Joe Biden for not having proper plans in place to safely and orderly evacuate Americans and our allies.

In an interview Tuesday with WHOP News, Comer says the president’s administration didn’t have proper contingency plans in place for when things went south.

In addition to the president, Congressman Comer is disappointed in the intelligence community for misjudging the Afghan forces’ ability to fight off the Taliban once American troops pulled out.

The current conflict in Afghanistan has lasted nearly 20 years and Comer is critical of President George W. Bush and his successors who continued the fighting without ever seeking a declaration of war from congress.

He believes the failure in Afghanistan this week makes the U.S. weaker on the worldwide stage and hurts the country’s position in the eyes of countries like China and North Korea.

Listen to the entire interview with Congressman Comer HERE.