WASHINGTON – House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) wrote to Georges Bergès, owner of the Georges Bergès Gallery, reiterating his request for all documents and communications related to the exorbitant prices the gallery set for selling Hunter Biden’s art. Mr. Biden’s prior questionable dealings raise serious concerns given the history of foreign governments using high value art to evade U.S. sanctions, the extravagant prices for which Mr. Biden—a new, untrained, celebrity artist—is selling his art, and the Biden family’s history of using proximity to political power for self-gain.

“For years, Mr. Biden has attempted to profit off his father’s position in government, and the art deals are merely the latest iteration of these efforts. The investigation into Mr. Biden’s business ventures, and those who have aided him in his dubious endeavors, has been ongoing for over two years, and, if necessary, will continue into the next Congress,” wrote Ranking Member Comer.

On September 7, 2021, Ranking Member Comer sent an initial request seeking all information related to Mr. Biden’s artwork. The art gallery has not responded.

“The documents requested from you will inform and are pertinent to our oversight of any attempts to seek improper influence with the Biden Administration by anonymous benefactors, and understanding the process you are purportedly undertaking to shield the Administration from any influence by those procuring Mr. Biden’s art. Additionally, your documents and information could inform legislation related to ethics regulations,” concluded Ranking Member Comer.

Ranking Member Comer has requested all documents and communications between the gallery and Mr. Biden; all communications and documents between the gallery and the White House, including the ethics guidelines; all price setting documents and communications surrounding Mr. Biden’s art; all documents showing who purchased Mr. Biden’s art; and all documents showing who attended the opening of Mr. Biden’s art shows. In the most recent letter, Ranking Member Comer also requests a briefing from Mr. Bergès on this matter.

Read the full letter to Georges Bergès here.